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Natural stone in all its beauty

A classic touch to contemporary buildings

This is Cantera. A lightweight, weather and age resitant stone, ideal for the creation of handcrafted architectonic ornaments. Formed thousands of years ago by a mixture of ash and lava, compressed under intense pressure and heat, it is resistant to weather and age. Its porosity allows the exchange of air and humidity, preventing fissures and cracking while maintaining a constant temperature in any weather. Our quality material and superior design will evoke images of ancient columns, balustrades, fountains, and more. If applied as a floor covering, cantera helps to regulate the thermal comfort of the environment, as was common in ancient European cultures.

Due to its extreme durability and beauty, along with its many color and texture patterns, cantera plays a key role in the rich architectonic tradition of the region tha currently comprises Mexico and the Southem United States, providing a classic and elegant touch to the contemporary buildings.

Limestone was formed thousands of years ago from bones and shell fragments from sea animals. It is an extremely durable material, a porous stone that will stand up to the weather, yeat malleable enough for the best artisan to sculpt and meticulously craft into a unique piece of art. While limestone is known for its pure white and off-white color, it is a material that features manu variations. Such diversity results from the absorption of clay, sand, and iron oxide pigments, along with other organic materials throughout the process of ore bed formation. Textures also vary, with crystalline, classic, granular, or dense being the most common, giving Limestone a unique appearance.

Limestone is highly valued material in the architechtural world, used for centuries to create magnificent remembrances of old-world civilizations. Today, limostone is used mainly in the United States and Western Europe.